Narrative Game Designer Friendly Fox Studio

Creating concepts (plots) in the HOPA genre, dialogues, VO, and game texts, developing game logic based on concepts.

Planning the storyline and quest structure of the game.

Interacting with and preparing tasks for other team members (programmers, game designers), provide constructive and actionable feedback.

Create and maintain documentation for all types of narrative elements.

Aligning the concept with publishers.

Project: Living Legends: The Red Trace

"Happy wedding day! It’s finally time to marry Ruby. But the joyous occasion suddenly turns dangerously dark when strange red ivy invades the area, and Ruby's kidnapped by a mystical wolf! It’s up to you to break their curses and untangle a magical web of mystery to save your true love".

As part of my work on the project Living Legends: The Red Trace, my task involved developing and planning the plot and quest structure of the game story. I focused on crafting compelling dialogues and game texts that enhance player immersion and ensure authenticity and coherence within the universe.

Project: Edge of Reality: The Legend of Greenbush

"When an old friend discovers an unusual amulet, you’re more than happy to lend your archeological expertise to uncover its origins. But your happy homecoming is short-lived when an angry specter kidnaps your friend! As a once-fabled town rises from the depths of the lake!"

As part of my work on the project Edge of Reality: The Legend Of Greenbush, I was involved in working on the concert. Since I joined the project during its development, I sought the most logical and appropriate progression for the concept to make it organic and engaging. My tasks included rewriting all in-game texts, tracking the storyline, adding intriguing plot twists, as well as crafting dialogues, backstories, notes, and other textual elements.

Project: Dark City: Amsterdam

"Get ready to tackle one of the biggest cases of Agatha’s investigative career, when the legendary ghost ship The Flying Dutchman returns to Amsterdam, bringing a crew of ghost sailors that stalk the streets, sowing terror and seeking revenge!"

While working on the Dark City: Amsterdam project, my responsibilities included crafting in-game texts such as dialogues, tasks, and notes. Additionally, I was involved in overseeing the storyline and maintaining the overall concept.