Scriptwriter in TheSoulPublishing

Wrote humorous scripts for YouTube channels such as La La Life, La La Life Games, La La Life Emoji, and an animated project about teenagers in an alternative universe called "Teen Z".
Developed story structures and concepts, characters, dialogues, plot lines, as well as idea generation.
Conducted competitor and trend analysis.
Wrote loglines, comedic sketches, dialogues, synopses, and scripts (including in English).
Worked with Asana.

Animated cartoon  TEEN Z

The animated cartoon on YouTube, TEEN Z, depicts the lives of monster teenagers.

TEEN Z has gained widespread popularity for its vibrant animation, engaging storytelling, and relatable characters. The series skillfully blends humor and coming-of-age themes, offering viewers a delightful mix of entertainment and valuable life lessons. 

As Pinky and her friends navigate the challenges of monster adolescence, the audience witnesses not only their hilarious escapades but also the growth and development of these endearing characters.