Project-manager Content-manager

- Was responsible for preparing and organizing turnkey concerts, shows, and events.
- Participated in writing scripts for plays and songs for musicals, including the show-musical "Dracula Vlad" and the children's fairy tale "Wizard of the Emerald City".

- Communicated with subcontractors and agents of foreign and domestic artists.
- Supervised and managed logistics for the movement of artists and teams, decorations, concert equipment.
- Communicated with the press, held press conferences and interviews, and handled financial calculations with organizers and subcontractors, preparing reports.

- Managed the company's social media, created visual content, planned advertising campaigns, and interacted with other information platforms.
- Organized and managed the process of creating video and photo materials for promoting the company, writing slogans, and SEO texts.
- Worked in Bitrix